Committed to providing a secure and supportive environment in which your child can succeed.
'Making life changes for students with learning differences'

Welcome to Oak Hill!

A Centre of Excellence for Students with Dyslexia and/or ADD, ADHD

Oak Hill offers a unique half-day programme to students with specific learning differences – dyslexia and/or attention deficit disorder, who are struggling in the mainstream classroom. The language of instruction is English and the school serves the international community in the Lake Geneva area of Switzerland. The programme provides students with three highly structured, multi-sensory instructional periods in reading, written language and mathematics. Students continue to attend their regular school for the remainder of their day, allowing them to participate in the mainstream curriculum and attend extra-curricular activities with their peers.

Oak Hill aims to foster the self-esteem of those students who have failed to thrive in a mainstream school setting. Achievements are celebrated on a daily basis and the programme enables each individual to realise his or her true potential.

We welcome parents, carers and professionals  to Oak Hill to observe a session in action.

Would you like to visit Oak Hill?  Click here for more information on Open Mornings.

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