Developing strengths...
... experiencing success

What is ‘Hill Methodology’?

Oak Hill uses methodology which has been developed by the Hill Center over the past 30 years. It is appropriate for students with Specific Learning Differences and/or Attention Deficit Disorders. The research-based Hill Methodology curriculum consists of reading, written language and maths instruction in a half-day programme. Our Oak Hill staff are highly qualified and experienced learning support teachers who, having completed the PREP program (accredited by the International Structured Language Education Council – IMSLEC), are also qualified in Hill Methodology.

The Language Arts program, which is based on the work of Dr. Samuel Orton and Anna Gillingham, consists of a systematic, individualised, structured-language approach to reading and written language. Hill Methodology combines several aspects of the precision teaching method, which uses direct and daily measurement of student progress, along with individual analysis of student skill acquisition. Through multi-sensory instruction, a student is able to utilise his or her strongest modality as the dominant pathway for learning, whilst simultaneously strengthening weaker channels.

Instructional Practices at Oak Hill include:

• Direct instruction • Explicit teaching of skills
• Drill and Practise • Mastery Learning
• Active Learning • Automaticity
• Engaged Time • Generalisation
• Immediate feedback • Setting achievable goals

This approach strives to assist each individual in realising his potential, by developing strengths, remediating weaknesses and experiencing success.