Predictable Routine
A real sense of achievement...

Your Child’s Day

The lessons and components of each day follow a predictable routine, enabling students to feel secure and organised. Each lesson is 50 minutes long, with a 5 minute break between reading and written language and a longer recess before maths.

The components of each lesson are as follows:


Written Language


•Oral Drill •Oral Drill •Oral Drill
•Phonological Awareness •Oral Spelling •Timed Tests
•Word Attack •Written Spelling •Number Dictation OR
•Number Reading
•Timed Tests •Copying OR
•Sentence/Paragraph Dictation
•Vocabulary •Computation/Application
•Oral Reading •Handwriting
•Comprehension •Composition & Creative Writing
•Grammar & Mechanics

Reading – all components are covered daily, ensuring a multi-sensory, structured-language approach in which immediate positive reinforcement gives students a real sense of achievement. The reading class uses systematic phonics instruction for word attack and emphasizes word recognition through phonological awareness exercises, decoding, vocabulary development, fluency drills, oral and silent reading, as well as reading comprehension.

Written Language - Oral drill and oral and written spelling are practised daily, whilst copying and dictation take place on alternate days. Aspects of the remaining components are selected each day, to form a balanced curriculum in which all the pre-set objectives are met.

Maths – Maths classes provide multi-sensory instruction with emphasis on automatic recall of math facts, developing number concepts, following mathematical procedures, speed and accuracy in computation and increased problem solving skills. Drill and timed tests are practised daily, whilst number dictation and reading take place on alternate days. For computation and application work, Oak Hill follows the SRA Maths Programme, in which skills and concepts are introduced in small steps and practised to automaticity in subsequent lessons.