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The International School of Geneva (Ecolint), with its three campuses and eight schools, has built up a close partnership with Oak Hill throughout the last five years, beginning with the initial pilot programme that took place in the school year 2005-2006. We are now embarking on the sixth year of this partnership with, once again, groups of students from all three of our campuses spending half of each day at Oak Hill. Each of our five primary and middle schools is involved, as well as some of our secondary schools. We are a school with extensive learning support provision, but we are not able to provide the intensive specialised help that is available at Oak Hill and that is required by some of our students. For these students we recommend the Oak Hill programme and plan carefully with Oak Hill staff, in each individual case, how best to ensure maximum integration between the two schools’ programmes. This requires a close and ongoing professional partnership between teachers in the two schools.

Our experience of working with Oak Hill has been extremely positive. Most importantly we have seen the enormous benefits that the programme brings to students. These are benefits that will have a lifelong impact.

I encourage schools that have not yet taken part in this partnership to explore the possibilities with Oak Hill wherever they feel that they have students who would benefit.”

Dr. Nicholas Tate, Director General, International School of Geneva (ECOLINT)

“I have worked very closely with Oak Hill School for over ten years and I have enormous respect for the school and the staff. As a psychologist working in Geneva I happily recommend Oak Hill to parents who are seeking a sensitive and specialised learning environment for their child. The parents who have been able to access Oak Hill are always highly complimentary and when I see the children for review, after sometimes only a short time at Oakhill, the progress is always outstanding.

I have no hesitation in recommending Oak Hill to parents. I am also impressed with their collaboration with the other schools in the area and this is a particularly strong and perhaps unique aspect of their programme.

The environment is superb with small class groups and the staff arae highly trained and experienced. I have seen children transformed after only a short time at Oak Hill. The impact of the school can be seen in the social and emotional area as well as in literacy and learning.

As an independent educational psychologist, I am often asked for advice on schools and Oak Hill is always my number one!

Dr. Gavin Reid, Senior Lecturer, University of Edinburgh, UK, Director, Red Rose School for children with Specific Learning Difficulties, UK

“I was immediately impressed by the design of the purpose-built learning environment. A lovely wide corridor linked to all of the rooms and was wide enough for individuals to meet, sit and play. The rooms are carefully equipped to offer a very comfortable learning environment, without unnecessary distractions. I was immediately impressed by the ergonomic design of the table and chairs in each of the rooms, enabling the teachers to be seated in the middle of a group of learners to provide direct and discreet access to each individual. All the members of staff were very approachable and clearly formed a strong team, making all visitors feel very much at home from the outset. The children seemed very comfortable, using the space and conversing with staff in an informal but organised way.”

Oliver West – Visual Thinking Specialist

“It has been an excellent experience to share our student with Oak Hill School colleagues. They have handled the process very professionally and with sensitivity for the needs of the individual student, the parents and our school staff. School staff have been included in meetings, received regular progress reports and have been invited to visit the school to better understand the unique teaching strategies used at Oak Hill with their students. The overall success of our student at Oak Hill has been delightful to witness over the period of his year there. Not only has he grown in academic areas targeted to a degree very pleasing to himself, his parents and our school, but he has obviously benefited from the personal life skills and self-organisational strategies that will serve him in future years.”

Silke Vannatter – Head of Learning Support, International School of Geneva; Chair Special Educational Needs ECIS

“I was recently fortunate enough to be able to visit Oak Hill School and spend some time meeting with the staff and observing sessions teaching Maths and literacy.  I was impressed first of all by the relaxed and friendly atmosphere.  Underlying this is a clearly organised, structured and professional approach.  The best of both worlds!  The children I saw seemed relaxed and confident.  They were enthusiastic and engaged in the tasks.  The work they did was interesting, varied and appropriately targeted to help them to learn, build on their learning, and achieve success.  They were encouraged to try, and praised for their efforts.   So, they were developing and consolidating task-related skills, and their self-esteem.  They were also learning more generally how to approach school work in a way that suited their strengths.   This is how Oak Hill helps children to achieve their potential”.

Dr Jennie GuiseMA (Hons), BSc (Hons), MBA, MSc, PhD, PGCPSE, AMBDA FE/HE, MEd CPsychol, CSci, AFBPsS, FHEA, SpLD APC (Patoss), EuroPsyChartered Psychologist, DysGuise Ltd http://www.dysguise.com