Spring Term 2008

29th April: Oak Hill teachers attended Geneva Support Network meeting.
Subject under discussion – ‘Gifted and Talented Students’.

This was another wonderful opportunity for our teachers to meet and network with learning support staff and teachers from the ECOLINT Foundation. Hosted by Teresa Nunn and Silke Vannatter, this meeting focused on a recent report regarding how gifted and talented students were supported in our International Schools.

13th May: Oak Hill Pedagogical Day: Philosophy and Objectives Workshop

Oak Hill teachers met to discuss and evaluate our initial working document which sets out the philosophy of the school. To read the final version of our Philosophy Document, click here.

22nd May: Mr. and Mrs. Alan Parker, of the Oak Foundation, met with Oak Hill parents

garynsteph.jpg It gave us great pleasure to host an informal reception for Alan and Jette Parker to meet with parents of present and past students. There followed a frank discussion, during which parents were able to raise issues and make suggestions pertaining to the school. The first of its kind, it was felt to be a most useful and informative meeting.


25th June: End of Year – Closing Ceremony and Family Barbecue

Dear Oak Hill Parents,

We hope you enjoyed our Closing Ceremony and especially the newly launched Oak Hill Song! As an occasion when the hard work and achievements of your children are celebrated, we hope you feel, as we do, extremely proud of them.

The end of the school year inevitably brings farewells. We wish the families of James and Louise all the very best for the future, and hope they will come and visit us whenever possible.

Oak Hill staff would like to extend a huge vote of thanks to all our parents for making the barbecue such an enjoyable and memorable occasion. Your willing hands helped in so many ways – from bringing delicious dishes, slaving over smokey charcoal and refereeing games to master-minding mannequins and (especially) the final cleaning-up and putting away. Thank you!

If you haven’t already done so, click here to see the Students’ Page with photos of the Closing Ceremony and the Barbecue.