Winter Term 2009

January and February

It doesn’t seem a minute since the Christmas holidays – in fact it’s just four weeks, but we have been so busy, we’ve hardly paused for breath. The event dominating this extraordinarily short half-term is, for us teachers at least, the preparation of the students’ Half-year Reports. These will be collated and posted to you during the holiday week and will include copies of the Objectives for Reading, Written Language and Maths which were set at the beginning of last term.

In January, we welcomed two new students – Adrian Winkelmann who attends LGB and is in Year 3, and Grant’s sister Maddie Wenc, who has joined our afternoon group. This brings us to a total of 14 students which means we are almost full with our current level of staffing, having only two empty places. Thinking of student places, we are already planning for September and, before the Easter Break, will be asking parents whether their child will be continuing at Oak Hill for the Autumn Term.

Since the beginning of the year, the Oak Hill team has continued working to keep up the momentum within schools, for teachers be on the outlook for students who could benefit from our programme. Jayne has given presentations to staff at the International School of Lausanne and Geneva English School, and we were very pleased to have a group of teachers from La Côte, the new school in Mont-sur-Rolle, who visited us to learn all about Hill Center Methodology. Jayne has also visited several multinational companies in the area, especially those based in the new A1 Business Centre in Rolle, to let them know what we offer.

Our Tour Day in February attracted four parents of children with learning difficulties, who represented four different schools – International School of Lausanne, a Montessori school in Geneva, Collège du Léman and Campus des Nations. Our Oak Hill students did a wonderful job of showing these mums how the Reading Lesson works and our visitors left very impressed with the childrens’ achievements.

For those of you who are members of ASK, there are a couple of interesting lectures at Webster University, coming up at the end of this month. On 28th February, Dr. Ian Crease will present ‘Utilizing Brain Plastricity for the Remediation of Dyslexia’ and on 1st March, Dr. Gavin Reid will present a lecture entitled ‘Dyslexia: Realising Potential Effective Learning and the Learner.’ See the ASK website for further details.


We are pleased to welcome our fifteenth student on Monday 9th March when Laura Henson-Schnee, from CDL, joins the morning programme.

Parent Conferences, when parents have an opportunity to discuss their child’s progress, take place on Wednesday 18th. March. The half-yearly reports provide invaluable information for these meetings.

Another interesting ASK lecture – ‘ Lost for Words and Active Listening for Active Learning’ presented by Maggie Johnson at Webster University. This day-long lecture was attended by Chris Scott and Amanda Weber.

School closes for the Spring Break on Friday 3rd. April, but not before we have had the traditional Easter Egg Hunt and gorged ourselves on chocolate!