Individualised programme
Secure and supportive environment

Oak Hill’s Programme will Improve your Child’s Life

Oak Hill provides a secure and supportive environment in which your child will experience success. Detailed assessment is followed by delivery of an individualised programme in a class with a teacher-to-pupil ratio of 1:4.

Oak Hill´s programme is highly structured and provides a framework within which students can reach their potential. Three intensive lessons in reading, written language and mathematics are delivered five days a week, in half-day sessions. Students spend the other half of each day at their regular school. This allows them to participate in the mainstream curriculum, maintain contact with the regular school peer group and utilise the extra-curricular facilities afforded by the Home School.

In addition to the core subjects of reading, written language and maths, study skills are an integral part of our programme. ‘Learning how to learn’ – with the aim of developing independent learners, is a crucial aspectgerclss.jpg of our methodology.

To objectively assess individual progress, the Woodcock Johnson IV
Tests of Achievement
are administered on entry, and subsequently
at yearly intervals. These provide in-depth diagnostic information
on specific academic strengths and weaknesses and provide
sound procedures for determining learning variances between
abilities and achievement.