"family atmosphere and caring teachers..."
"...he couldn't be happier to come to school every morning!"

What the Parents say …

“At Oak Hill my son has acquired a real autonomy. In terms of learning, he finally gets a fair reward for the time, energy and enthusiasm he expends.”

Parent of Year 6 Student

“Our son (aged 8 and severely affected by Dyslexia) has, for the first time in his school life, made tremendous progress at Oak Hill. Seven months ago the whole world of words and letters barely existed for him. Now he is beginning to read independently and will even join in when we read together. His handwriting, thanks to superb teaching at Oak Hill, has improved beyond anything we could have anticipated. He loves the maths so much I have to set a time limit on his homework or he would be there all night. I cannot praise the methods or the teachers highly enough. Our son has gained so much self-confidence over the last seven months. His co-ordination and gross motor skills have improved and he couldn’t be happier to come to school every morning!”

Parent of Year 3 Student

“I would always say that, at school, our daughter was a square peg in a round hole and I felt frustrated that no one seemed to be able to provide an answer. She was struggling, not only with her writing and maths but also socially and she lacked self esteem. Since she started at Oak Hill she has so much more self confidence and is happy to tackle homework tasks without any tantrums. As a family, our lives have changed as we are no longer having to accommodate a child who does not feel she can achieve and does not want to try new activities. We are able to understand what are reasonable expectations for her in terms of her academic studies and love her for how special she is.”

Parent of Year 4 Student

“Oak Hill has been of great benefit to our daughter. The structure of the Hill Center methodology, combined with the family atmosphere and caring teachers, has enabled her to grow in confidence and ability.”

Parent of Year 5 Student

“If I could imagine a dream school, it would be Oak Hill.”

Parent of Year 3 Student

Our son attended Oak Hill in Nyon , Switzerland, for the recommended two years.  He was diagnosed as having language and learning disabilities, as well as ADHD. From the moment our son entered this wonderfully caring school, he became part of an extended family. The lessons are uniquely structured to cater for each individual child, very specific and highly detailed, this especially as there is one teacher to four children. Over the past two years our son’s progress has been exceptional. Most importantly his self confidence has soared as he has seen his own progress. Most visibly, we can see the improvement in his beautiful handwriting and neat work. He can now read with confidence and there has been a great improvement in his spelling. He has also grasped the basic mathematical and language concepts and gained various coping strategies, which will only be of benefit to him as he returns to his mainstream school. We highly recommend Oak Hill for children with learning difficulties. It was certainly the best decision and investment we made for our son.

Parent of Year 5 student

Oak Hill has given back to my daughter the confidence she once had, a smile has returned to her face and the gift of learning is now a joy for her. No longer is homework a nightly misery! She has thrived in the Oak Hill family environment with the small family atmosphere and being with other children with the same issues has made her life so much more fulfilled. Thank you Oak Hill!

Parent of a year 7 student

Our daughter, who has significant learning differences, attended Oak Hill for 2.5 years. The program was invaluable for at least three reasons . First, our daughter achieved significant improvement particularly in the areas of math and reading. She even began to read for pleasure, something we never expected to see. Second, our daughter developed a structured approach to learning that can be used over and over again in new situations and for different subjects. Finally the faculty and staff provide the right environment for Oak Hill students and parents to understand each child’s academic worth and to celebrate their successes. We are grateful to have had our child attend the school and believe that the experience will have life long impact.

Parent of Year 8 student