There's a dog and her name is Jas...
My first year was great!

Students writing about Oak Hill

The first entries on this page are by two students who joined the school on our Opening Day. It is easy to see, from their ‘end of year’ pieces, the impact that the programme has had on the quality and quantity of their writing.

My First Day …


My first day at Oak Hill was so cool. I came for the first time on Monday, it was great. There were only four kids and a dog. I came in and it was perfect. The teachers were waiting for us and the school is really nice for what we are doing. I was a bit sad to have to go to the other school; the school was so different than in my mind.

…and First Year

I want to thank my parents for letting me go to the school. My first year at Oak Hill was one of the best years I have ever had. I think so because of various reasons. The atmosphere is fabulous. I have learned a lot. The teachers are extremely competent in the methodology. These few months here I became convinced that the Hill Center methodology, and all that goes with it, is extremely helpful. Oak Hill is an extremely well thought out school. As one of the first students here, I want to say that I was very impressed with how all of the materials were available (except tissues). I will always remember all the members of this school and all the teachers. Thank you to all the teachers.
Year 6 student

My First Day …

My first day at Oak Hill School was fun, exciting and new. There are four kids and one dog. The dog really likes to catch the ball and people like to pat her.


… and My First Year at Oak Hill School

Oak Hill is fun and you learn a lot. There’s a dog and her name is Jasra and at break we play soccer and I play with the dog sometimes. I have two friends and they’re older than I am. The homework is easy and fun. The teachers are nice and helpful: they sometimes bring in treats like chocolate, cake, croissants or fruit and biscuits also. When someone has a birthday they bring in cake and they get a homework pass.

Once Oliver West came in and he showed us how he thought we could do things, like drawing to show our ideas and he showed us a movie of a student he’d helped to write her essay for university. On the Open House about thirty people came to look at the school, some were teachers from other schools, some were parents and some were just people who were interested. We showed them what we did in our classes. It was fine.

Every day in class we do Reading, Written Language and Maths and my favourite is Maths because it’s the easiest for me. Because of the work I do in Reading I’m reading quicker and I’m reading much harder words. It has also helped me at Home School because now I’m writing more for my projects at school. I still find writing hard but it’s getting better and I need to be more positive about it.

At the end of term we are going on an end of term picnic up in the mountains at Fruitières de Nyon. I think it’s going to be fun because we might get to play games like tag or cricket.

Overall I would say this year was fun, new and interesting.
Year 5 student

My First Year at Oak Hill


My first year was great! I am really happy to be at this school. It has lots of fun things to do. My favourite lessons are reading and writing because we do some oral drill and timed tests. I enjoy doing them so much!

When I first came I was afraid to meet the other students but then I made friends with all of them. I felt that my reading, writing and maths was horrible but now I like reading books and writing stories. When Ollie came to our school, he showed us how to make stories using drawings. It was fun.

At break time we go out with the dog, Jasra and my friends. We play games and take Jasra for a walk. Oak Hill School is a great place to be!
Year 3 student

My First Year at Oak Hill


I think Oak Hill has improved my writing and maths and especially my reading. In reading I have mastered hundreds of word lists and done loads of timed tests. I have got much faster with them. I like all my lessons but I love reading and break time most.

At Oak Hill we have a dog called Jasra. She is a Labrador and Doberman cross and she is black and cuddly. At break time we go for a walk with her and we throw the ball for her to fetch and bring back.

When I first met the teachers at Oak Hill I thought I would learn a lot. And I did!
Year 3 student

My First Weeks at Oak Hill


When I first came for a visit I was very shy of the other students. Then I found that they were all friendly and nice and kind. My writing wasn’t so good when I first came, but now it is much better. My reading is much better now as well. I like the books that I take home. I read them to my mum.

At maths time I am good at maths. We do games if we have time. At play time we get to play with the dog, Jasra. We throw the ball for her and go for walks with her. Sometimes we just go on the playground and play football.

I like coming in the mornings and I feel happier now I go to this school. When I go back to my home school I feel sad because I miss Oak Hill.
Year 3 student

My Time at Oak Hill


I love being here; it’s like being in a second family with us all being friends. Still, though we aren’t angels, we get along well. The breaks are short but so is school. I like these teachers they are great and funny. The teachers are the best in the world and do not get mad.

I like the lessons. They are fun and teach you to read, write and do maths a lot. The treats we get, like having croissants, are great and the birthdays are even better. At play time we go outside if it’s not raining and play in the garden. Everyone plays together. Jasra our school dog is a very friendly and fun-loving dog.

The school is a little, but very clean bottom floor of an apartment block in Nyon. Everything is brand new because this is the first year here and we are by a big field where everyone likes to play. This year we are having an end of term picnic where we are going to walk up a mountain and then go to our teacher’s house for dessert.

I think the work I’ve done here will help me with the work I will do at the school I start at in September.
Year 7 student

My Year at Oak Hill


I really like the reading lesson because my teacher makes it fun. We read books and do timed test. Sometimes I read over 100 words in a minute! I think I have improved throughout the year, especially in my Maths.

I used to feel that I didn’t know anything but now I feel happy and know that I can do a lot of things. Now I don’t make mistakes very often. When I came in October I did horrid, scribbly writing and now I can do joined up writing like the Queen of England!

At playtime, I love going walking with Jasra because I like throwing the ball for her. She always brings it back and drops it in front of me. I love the teachers here and my favourite is Mrs. S because she is nice and always beautiful.
Year 4 student