First European Replication


Oak Hill opened on 2nd October 2006 welcoming  students from five International School campuses.

In 2002 Oak Foundation, Geneva, committed to the first European replication of the Hill Center, Durham, North Carolina. Having observed the Hill Center programme, and the results it produced, for several years, Oak Foundation pledged to create a similar facility for students diagnosed with Dyslexia and/or Attention Deficit Disorder for those attending International Schools in Lake Geneva area. Contact was made with staff at these schools to ascertain the need for such a facility. Thus began an on-going dialogue and negotiation between Oak Foundation and the International Schools that has moved from strength to strength.

In 2005, Oak Foundation recruited three highly experienced staff, who are versed not only in hands-on teaching, but also in middle and senior management. During 2005 and 2006, they spent over three months in North Carolina undertaking Hill Center accreditation, whilst also working towards the creation of Oak Hill in Switzerland. In addition, they delivered the Hill Center’s Reading Achievement Program to twenty-nine students at six International School campuses in Geneva and Lausanne.  Indeed, staff who deliver the Hill Centre program, here at Oak Hill,  undergo training in North Carolina.

Oak Hill is now in its tenth year and continues to work in partnership with the  International Schools around lake Geneva.  Although there has been staffing changes, Oak Hill continues to maintain its link with the Hill Center in North Carolina.   Skilled Methodology teachers are trained in the USA and continue to deliver a structured remediation programme.  As part of its continued growth, Oak Hill offers a range of seminars and workshops, free of charge to the local community.   Content and dates are always advertised on our website.    We very much look forward to the on-going collaboration with International Schools and the successful growth and development of Oak Hill School.