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Individual support for students with dyslexia and/or attention challenges (ADD/ADHD)


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Our current and alumni families, as well as our educational partners, are strong supporters of our programme. Here is what they have to say:

Oak Hill is a great school for people that have dyslexia. I have been learning a lot more lately. I love it and I think that when I leave I will be a 100 percent improved but I will be sad. The teachers are very nice.

Oak Hill Student

What a beautiful transformation we have witnessed in our son since starting at Oak Hill. He is confident, happy to read, do his homework, and participate in groups and activities. His achievements and progress in reading, writing and maths have exceeded our expectations, especially in such a short period of time. He is a different child in so many ways, especially with his self-esteem and confidence. It warms our heart to see him!

Oak Hill Alumni Parent

It seems many eons ago that we entered into the journey with you. It was a time with great unknowns for us. Everyday was different and change was constant. We leave this time with a bigger, brighter and more confident son. The journey has been really indescribable as so many emotions have been at play. Thanks to your amazing work our son has been tee’d up to participate with the rest of the world. That is something that very few will understand but we are incredibly grateful for. In my list of most important people in his life, you sit right beneath the midwife that helped my wife with the battle.

Recent Alumni Parent

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