Our Programme

Our Programme

Our successful programme ensures that students:

Are taught spelling patterns and rules

Understand abstract mathematical concepts

Use 6 syllable types to help them decode unknown words

Expand their number concept knowledge

Become more skilled writers

Realise their own strengths and abilities

Explore word structure, including Latin and Greek roots of words

Develop strategies to enhance their learning

Understand more about social skills and how to relate to others

Your child's day at Oak Hill

Students either enrol in a morning or afternoon session, starting at 8:00 am or 12:30 pm.  Each maths, reading and writing lesson is 50 minutes long.

To foster social skills (and to relax a little!) students also enjoy a 5-minute break between lessons as well as a 20-minute playtime.

The components of each lesson are as follows:

Written language
  • Oral Revision
  • Verbal Spelling
  • Written Spelling
  • Copying/Dictation
  • Handwriting
  • Composition and Creative Writing
  • Grammar and Mechanics

Students begin the writing lesson with the oral revision and discussion of skills. After this, spoken/written spelling rules and patterns are practiced, while board copying, and dictation take place on alternate days. Each week students are introduced to a range of grade equivalent grammar, vocabulary, and punctuation tasks. In addition, they are taught to use and construct different sentence types and introduced to a range of written genre. Students also discuss and analyse the writer’s purpose and identify the characteristics of different text types.

  • Oral Revision
  • Phonological Awareness
  • Word Attack
  • Timed (fluency) Tests
  • Vocabulary
  • Oral Reading
  • Comprehension

The structured-language approach used at Oak Hill is multi-sensory and cumulative. Students receive immediate and positive reinforcement, giving them a real sense of achievement and pride. Using synthetic phonics instruction, students are taught skills and strategies to develop their phonological awareness, decoding, vocabulary development, fluency, oral/silent reading, and comprehension knowledge. Targeted practice ensures students improve their skills and a love of reading gradually follows.

  • Oral Revision
  • Timed Test
  • Number Dictation
  • Number Reading
  • Problem Solving
  • Computation and Application

Maths instruction at Oak Hill is multi-sensory, with an emphasis on the automatic recall of facts. Developing number concepts, following mathematical procedures, increasing speed and accuracy in computation, and improving problem-solving skills are also key parts of the programme. Students use manipulatives to extend understanding, while daily number reading and dictation tasks increase their knowledge of place value. Mathematical concepts are introduced in small steps and practiced to automaticity.

Social Skills

Building confidence, providing positive reinforcement, offering a fun, engaging and inclusive learning environment and developing social skills are all important parts of the Oak Hill programme.

We have special sessions dedicated to different social skills themes throughout each term. We also actively focus on social skills during daily interactions with the students, such as arrival and departure times and during recess breaks.

Setting goals