Benefits & Results


Our successful programme ensures that students:

Are taught spelling patterns and rules

Understand abstract mathematical concepts

Use 6 syllable types to help them decode unknown words

Expand their number concept knowledge

Become more skilled writers

Realise their own strengths and abilities

Explore word structure, including Latin and Greek roots of words

Develop strategies to enhance their learning

Understand more about social skills and how to relate to others

Benefits to the whole family

Bringing out the best in my son


At the heart of Oak Hill is its research-based programme, first developed by the Hill Learning Center over 40 years ago. Documented results collected from Switzerland and the US strongly indicate that when students learn using the Hill methodology, their skills improve at a greater rate than would otherwise have been expected.  Students thrive on the predictable, individualised, and explicit nature of the programme, while working to remediate gaps in their learning.

Student progress in standardised assessment

Our research-based and explicit programme ensures that students make positive gains in standardised assessments of their skills. Woodcock Johnson results show that, on average, students make more than 12 months achievement in reading, writing and maths during one academic year.